About The Kreative Haven

The Kreative Haven was originally created to be a business that designed t-shirts and gifts but has evolved into much more. We create apparel, stationery and gifts to inspire and encourage women and business owners of all ages spiritually, and professionally. 
I discovered the difference between crafting as a hobby, making a couple of t-shirts for myself and taking on an order with business owners the hard way. What I thought was going to be a way to do something I enjoy and to make some "mad money" became a lesson and a journey to my purpose.

I received my cutting machine for Christmas after my son was born. I was excited to decorate his room, make a couple of cute onesies, and do a little project here or there. Well next thing I know, I have an order for 80 t-shirts for a business. I thought I made it big and I could handle anything. Little did I know that order would test every bit of patience I had and give me sleepless nights.

Everything from finding quality t-shirts, to ordering enough vinyl, determining pricing then to my cutter quit when during the final 10 shirts. But somehow, I made it and delivered all the shirts on time.

That order was the lesson I needed to shift my mindset and find the purpose behind my business so that I can provide quality inspirational products and service to each of you.

I started researching, studying, and connecting with a group of "Boss-Ladies" who were on the same journey. Now do not get me wrong, there have been growing pains, late nights, fussing at the computer and wondering if the decision I made was right but all that mean GROWTH.  With the help of my business besties, accountability partners and coach I always made it through. Since shifting my mindset, I have started operating in purpose and being intentional with every move I make.  Now I see growth in my business and in myself.

In our business community, The Kreative Haven, we encourage women who are shifting from crafting as a hobby to running a business.  We do this through:

  • Affirmations and encouragement
  • Masterclasses
  • The haven is a safe space to grow and be encouraged through you journey regardless of your business or where you are on your journey.

Whether you are here to purchase a t-shirt, a journal, tumbler, take a course or join our social media community…Thank you for visiting with The Kreative Haven.

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