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"Woman Affirmation" Notepad

"Woman Affirmation" Notepad

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African American Women Affirmation Notepad

Affirmation notepads are your daily source of positivity and motivation. These notepads are designed to uplift your spirits and boost your confidence with affirming messages that you can jot down, carry with you, or stick on your desk. Each sheet is a reminder of your potential, encouraging a positive mindset and personal growth. With affirmation notepads, you can infuse your daily life with self-belief, optimism, and a can-do attitude. Start your day on a positive note with these notepads and watch how they transform your life, one uplifting affirmation at a time.

50 sheets per pad

5 x 8.5

College-Rule Lined paper

Chipboard Back

Glue bound tear-away top

Packaged in a cello sleeve

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